2022 Apache 310 RR Price, Features, Specification, and Review.

Apache 310 RR

Apache 310 RR with a new BS6 Engine.

TVS Motors firstly launched its Apache 310 RR in collaboration with BMW. It was launched in India on 6 December 2017. It came with a 312 cc liquid-cooled engine. This was not a great success for the company and generates some sales, but TVS isn’t giving up. Now they have introduced the new version of Apache 310 with a new BS6 complaint 312 cc liquid-cooled Engine with a bunch of features.

The New TVS Apache 310 already spied on the MMRT (Madras Motor Race Track) multiple times during his testing phase by the Professional drivers. After taking a look at the vehicle.

We found that some Cosmetic changes were performed on the bike. A new dual-tone color theme is offered with a new graphic addition in matt and gloss finish across the fairing.

Some New Features and TVS BS6 lineup

This is the fourth vehicle of the BS6 lineup, the First one is Jupiter then the Apache RTR 160 then Apache RTR 200 4v, and then this one. As, with the other manufacturers, TVS won’t give it just a new BS6 engine but it gives the bike so many new features to stand out in the queue.

Some of the features which its rivals are not offering are the new smart connect and different riding modes. Which gives a quite smooth and hassle-free ride in different weather and terrain conditions.

Some newly introduced features in TVS Apache 310 RR

  • Digital Speedometer
  • Digital Tachometer
  • Digital Trip meter
  • Digital Odometer
  • Dual projector headlamp
  • LED tail lamp
  • Four different modes with different engine setup
    • Sports mode
    • Track mode
    • Urban mode
    • Rain mode
  • Front and Rear Disc Brake
  • ABS (Anti-locking Braking System)
  • Ride by wire technology

What is the price of the 2022 TVS Apache 310RR in India?

The 2022 TVS Apache RR 310 STD BS-VI price in India is Rs 2.65 lakh (ex-showroom). While it was launched at Rs 25,000 less than the current displaying price.

TVS Apache RR 310 design

The Apache 310 RR doesn’t get any change in its design except for one new color which is matte grey and a combination of black with new graphics. otherwise, the bike remains the same as the predecessor BS4 one but when we talk about the design language and its aerodynamic design it increases the performance and reduces the vibrations.

The Apache 310 RR owners gave feedback to the company about the vibrations and fairing noise that comes from the bike while revving it to its high RPMs( Revolution Per Minutes). TVS motors take this as a positive response from their customers and redesigned the bike according to the improvement required from the previous owners of Apache 310.

When we ride this bike we clearly saw the difference in its vibrations and noises in comparison to its predecessor. We also found some more mechanical changes and also some more features and technical specs.

TVS Apache 310 RR technical and mechanical features.

The mechanical parts are almost the same as the previous one. But some of the parts are changed like the new ABS(Anti-locking Braking System) module which behaves according to the Modes you select. It also comes with new tires that provide a better grip around the corners and also in wet conditions. A major update in this BS6 variant is the new TFT panel loaded with a bunch of new tech features. Which makes the bike features loaded and gives it an appealing look to the instrument cluster.

This comes with a dual projector headlamp setup. Which gives it a sportier look and provides a good light throw at night. The tail lamp is also the LED one which looks a little similar to Ducati Panigale 959.

This bike comes in three color options

  • Phantom Black
  • Racing Red
  • Black & Grey

The Black & Grey color option is afresh added in the BS6 variant with new graphics fastened into it. The new graphics provide a new look and feel to the customers. By adding this, customers really feel that a new vehicle is launched, not just the engine is changed. However, the price is slight goes to the upper side by 12000 thousand rupees. Which makes it a more expensive vehicle in the 300 cc category. But if we look out for the feature it offers then it’s a decent price for a vehicle that has the DNA of BMW.

4 New modes with different ABS settings

As you already read in the beginning that TVS has introduced a new feature that has four different modes. Which behave differently as per the terrain selected. The ABS also behaves according to the driving mode selected. This new feature helps the rider in many ways or provides a smoother and more enjoyable experience.

What are these modes and how do they work?

  1. Sports Mode
  2. Track Mode
  3. Urban Mode
  4. Rain Mode
  • Sports Mode:- This mode can be used for multiple purposes. You can use this mode for the time when you require instant power from the motor but it’ll drop the overall mileage. In this mode, the 312 cc motor produces around 33 bhp @ 9700 RPMs and 27.3 Nm @ 7700 RPMs. The ABS also works differently in this variant. The bite force of ABS goes to the medium side and gives the rider the best experience of driving.
  • Track Mode:- This mode is specially built only for the track. In this mode, you feel that the power is increased but the ABS brake biting force goes to the softer side. Because while the rider is riding on a track. It only needs a minimal amount of braking just to prevent the tyres from slipping. In this mode, the motor generates the same power as generated in Sports mode. Which is 33 bhp @9700 RPMs and 27.3 Nm 7700 RPMs.
  • Urban Mode:- The Apache 310 RR is meant for all the conditions. Most of the buyers aren’t go on the track usually. So, considering this, the urban mode is added to the list to make it a compatible vehicle for the normal roads. In this mode, ABS brake biting force is at the sweetest spot and it offers a great breaking experience in all types of road conditions except the wet ones. In this mode, the motor produces around 25 bhp @7600 RPMs and 25 Nm @ 6700 RPMs. Which is quite sufficient for daily commuting and overtaking in between gears.
  • Rain Mode:- In this mode, you’ll get the hardest braking, Because of the road condition. The hard ABS breaking helps the vehicle to stop, as soon as the rider applies the brake. This mode Is best to use in rainy seasons. When the roads are wet and slurry. It gives a perfect breaking experience. In this mode, the motor generates around 25bhp @ 7600 RPMs and 25 Nm @6700 RPMs.

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First in segment slipper clutch and how it works?

The slipper clutch is a slipping part between the clutch and the gears. When you are riding at high speeds and about to cross a corner, then you have to apply the brake harder and also downshift 2-3 gears in a row to get a good punch again from the motor to retain the position.

By doing this, you could harm the engine parts while matching the speed to the engine rev speed. Which causes wear and tear to the engine compartment.

Difference between Normal clutch and slipper clutch.

Most of the budget vehicles come with a normal clutch setup but in high Cubic capacity vehicles, the engine revving speed is very high, and in case of fast downshifting in a row of 2 or 3 gears.

There are certain chances of wear and tear in the gearing mechanism. The slipper clutch is placed between the engine and gear and helps the gears to slip easily to the downshift even at high revs speeds.

TFT Screen instrument cluster

This comes with a new TFT IPS panel. Which provides you with a bunch of features. It got some handy features like all four mode selector and their separate display with different gestures and color themes. Rear ABS control button(you can turn on and off the rear wheel ABS as per your requirement).

More includes an Acceleration time calculator, clock, temperature sensor display, top speed recorder, total vehicle range as per fuel, digital odometer reading, digital speedometer reading, digital RPMs meter reading, and a Bluetooth-enabled smart connect mobile app. Which connects the bike and shows some information on the mobile app display.

Ride by wire technology

This is the first-ever introduced by TVS in the 300 cc category. This is the advanced technology that usually comes in high-end and high cc bikes, But TVS introduced this in TVS Apache RR 310.

This feature works in the place of a mechanical throttle valve. This removes all the manual work of the throttle and makes it an electronic one. Now, all the things are managed by the electronic parts and sensors, which are fitted on the bike.

Engine Performance and Review

There are no major changes in the engine bay. This contains the same 312 cc engine but in BS6 compliant variant. It also retains the same design language. When we drive the vehicle we found some significant changes.

Firstly, the major problem in which the previous bike had the vibrations are not seen here and also the refinement is increased. Thanks to the BS6-compliant engine. Most of the BS6 vehicles face a power drop while converting into BS6. But not in the case of Apache RR 310. It generates the same 33 bhp @ 9700 and 27.3 Nm @ 7700 As, its predecessor.

There are also some new elements added to the vehicle to enhance the overall ride quality. Firstly we read out the Brocher of four modes offered in Apache then we hit the road and use those modes in real-life scenarios and found that these are really useful in real-world conditions.

we found significant changes in the sport and urban modes. The bike totally changed its behavior as soon as we select sports mode. However, the overall engine performance is increased after the ride by wire technology.


The Apache RR 310 derives you are a real-world mileage of 30 kmpl suggested by the owners but the ARAI claimed mileage is 31 kmpl. Which is 84% better than the vehicles in this segment.

Suspension and tyres

The suspension setup is tuned to its stiffer side to make it easier to cruise on highways and on long daily commutes. The front shocks got an Inverted Cartridge Telescopic fork while the back has Two Arm Aluminium die-cast Swing Arm.

There is one more significant change that helps the vehicle to ride with stability and helps the brake to stop it easier. It got new Michelin ROAD5 tyres, which provide a great grip on the road.

It has different sorts of material in the middle and sides. The middle contains a hard material that gives it a long life and in the corners of the sides, a softer element is present to give it proper grip on corners and on wet road conditions.

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This is an advanced bike in terms of styling, features, and in mechanical terms. The bike is made by TVS in collaboration with BMW. You could expect some from this. In terms of performance, handling, and braking it will don’t let you disappoint.

Some of the features which you are getting in this vehicle are rarely seen in the 300 cc category like the ride-by-wire and slipper clutch. If you want a bike to ride in daily commuting and sometimes you need to rev it hard. Then you can buy this bike.

But if you want a cruising bike then don’t go for this. As its driving posture is on the aggressive side and won’t feel comfortable on long rides. For cruising, you can take a look at Royal Enfield Classic 500 and KTM Duke 390. These both are different segment bikes but the price tag is near 2.45 lakh.

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