The Old Gen Hyundai Santro modified like a Go-Kart.

Hyundai Santro Modified

We saw a very small pocket car on the internet some days back and wanted to know about that very curiously. After taking the information we found that it is an old Gen Hyundai Santro Modified like a go-kart or pocket car. The car is modified by the local peoples by cutting the chassis and shortening the overall length and wheelbase. The modification cost is not disclosed but it would be around 20-30 thousand Indian rupees.

When the local teenagers firstly took the car on the roads, traffic cops stopped and reacted very differently to the car and even drove it. However, the car is not legally designed but the teenagers did well.

The design is quite interesting but not practical. The front is complete redesigned along with the bumper, grille, and headlights. The overall chassis and wheelbase have been shortened and the rear bumper is redesigned and the tailgate has been fixed into the body to make it happen. The rear seats are removed but the dashboard has been remained unchanged along with the front seats and doors. However, the design is not practical and even not safe to ride. It is illegal and not allowed to drive on the roads.

There no changes are made under the hood but the reduction in the overall weight has improved the power and pick up of this modified Hyundai Santro and it’ll feel like driving a Go-Kart than to a full Hatchback car. Even the mileage has been improved by some kmpl but achieving the top speed is quite difficult and risky because the stability has reduced and body roll is increased.

Hyundai Santro Modified

  • Overall length is reduced by cutting chassis
  • Front and Rear is custom made
  • No changes in the engine
Hyundai Santro Modified
Looks quite funny but impressively creative
Hyundai Santro Modified
Ford Ecosport style rear spare wheel looks quite good.

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