New Gen Hyundai Creta Modified to looks like Range Rover.

New Creta Modified

Hyundai Creta is one of the car that has a lot of options are present in the aftermarket. Until then, the new Hyundai Creta was not launched, the accessories hubs are mass producing the modifications parts for the previous generation and now after the launch of the New Gen Hyundai Creta, they started making parts to make the car modified.

Here today, we have a New Hyundai Creta that is modified into a Range Rover. The complete look is inspired by a Range Rover but doesn’t carry any elements from there. To make the Creta more appealing, some elements are used that make it eye-catching and stand it’s out from the queue.

The modifications has done onto a brand new car, that can be identified by looking to the sticker on the number plate A/F (Applied For). There are certain chances that the buyer had pre-planned the modifications into his imagination and after taking the delivery, he had put its imagination into reality.

First and foremost, the first thing that stands out in the car is the matte grey wrap over the complete car. Even the front DRLs and rear taillamps are covered by the wrap to give a neat look. Apart from the wrap, the front is also replaced with an aftermarket one, and Rover is written over the upside on the grille, and the fog lamp surroundings are finished in Ceramic White. The side ORVMs are finished in glossy black and the windshield has a special purple tint that looks quite elegant, also changes when sunlight hits the glass. Apart from these all, there are Ceramic White alloy wheels that are installed to make it an eye-catching ball.

New Creta Modified
Rear has a Rover badging and a glossy treatment has done like Range Rover Evoque.

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