Mercedes Maybach S680 is an elegant luxury thing on wheels.

The Mercedes Maybach S680 is way more premium and powerful than the S-Class.

Mercedes Maybach S680
The double colour theme is still in the option.

The German automaker has revealed the brand new 2022 Mercedes Maybach S680 in the global market with even a more powerful engine, plush interior, and elegant exterior. There are not much changes in the design, the only thing here to notice is, the double-tone colour paint scheme and the Mercedes badge. Even, if we take the standard S-class 2021 model, it looks exactly the same and no one can differentiate it without having ample knowledge of automobiles.

“Gets a more powerful engine, elegant looks and plush interiors”

What’s on the outer of Mercedes Maybach S680:

As we mentioned above, the design is not much different from the standard S-class. There are only some redesigned elements that have been added to make it different and to give it a more premium appeal. If we look towards the paint schemes of Maybach S680, it has a dual-tone paint theme (like the Rolls Royce and Bentley), where the brighter colour tone on the upper side and a darker colour tone on the lower side. Apart from the paint, it has Maybach’s redesigned logo and some key elements of Maybach, rest remains unchanged.

“Not much differ then the S-class, but do have some Maybach’s touches all over the body”

What’s on the inside:

The inside of the Maybach cabin is like a luxury 5-star hotel room, where you get the posher interior with soft leatherette touches all over the cabin. The Mercedes Maybach S680 cabin is so quiet, thanks to the ‘Noise Canceling System’ that counteract every uneven voice that enters the plush cabin. There is also a requisite refrigerated compartment between the rear seats, that keeps your champagne cold, and also you can opt for the, Silver plated flute flutes for beverages.

Other than this, in tech terms, it has a large center infotainment touchscreen display with Burmester 4D surround sound system, touchscreen displays for the rear occupants, massage function, ambient lightings, etc.

“The cabin is sophisticatedly posh and luxury fitted with a lot of techs”

What’s under the hood:

The Maybach S680 is powered by a 6.0-liter, V12 motor, that churns out 621 BHP and a massive 1001 Nm of torque, Where 69% of the torque goes to the rear wheels through a 9-Speed automatic transmission. The V12 motor can push the luxe mobile to 100kmph from a stand still in just 4.4 seconds (isn’t it fast), while the top speed is limited to 209 km/hr.

“The V12 beast comes in paired with a 9-Speed automatic gearbox”

Mercedes Maybach S680 Interior
It has an portrait style infotainment display
The V12 produces a mind blowing 1001 Nm of torque.
Mercedes Maybach S680 Rear Seats
Gets a refrigerator to keep your drinks cold.
The dual-tone paint scheme looks dope.

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