KTM RC new colours launches for 125, 200 and 390.


The KTM has launched some new colour options for the RC range. These new colour are launched for the RC 125, RC 200 and RC 390. Currently, the RC series has only two colour options in the Indian market to choose from. The fresh add ons the three new colour will give the buyers a sense of choosing through the colour menu according to their choice.

Now, The KTC RC 125 can be had a Dark Galvano paint scheme, while the RC 200 can have an Electromagnetic Orange colour and the RC 390 has included a Metallic Silver colour option as well.

These new colour schemes are just an addition to the previous motorcycles colours that were launched with the RC series when it was gone under the BS6 upgrade.

Even after the addition of the new colours, the prices remained unchanged. The RC 125 carries its price of Rs 1,59,629/- (for the Dark Galvano and Electronic Orange), while the RC 200 price is Rs 2,00,864/- (for the Electronic Orange and Dark Galvano), and the final RC 390 prices at Rs 2,153,184/- (for the Metallic Silver and Ceramic White).

KTM RC new Colours

  • KTM has launched new colours for RC series
  • The prices of RC 125, 200 and 390 are remain unchanged
  • No mechanical changes are there in any of them
Electronic Orange
Dark Galvano

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