Ford F-150 Lightning Revealed, Generates up to 563 BHP.

It comes packed with 2 Lithium-ion batteries with 370 km and 483 km ranges.

Ford F-150 Lightning
The front and rear have LED light bars on the front and rear.

Ford has wrapped off from its new EV pickup truck F-150 Lightning, initially, the F-150 truck will go on sale in the North American markets initially later followed by the Australian market. The new EV pickup truck is not much different from the F Lineup, in fact, the complete design is pretty the same. There will be two EV batteries will be available with different power figures.

“Revealed in North America and will be offered with two battery options”

Is it really different than the regular F-150?

The overall shape of the Ford F-150 Lightning pickup truck has remained unchanged except for some redesigned/new elements. The front and rear now feature LED bars on full width with a smaller grille altered grille and bumpers, similarly, the side running boards and the rear bumper has been tweaked also. Apart from this, the Ford F-150 Lightning offers a front-loading area with over 400 liters of storage space.

“Overall shape and design is same, the only work done is on Grille, Bumpers, and Lightings”

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Powertrains of Ford F-150 Lightning

The F-150 Lightning EV truck is available with a front and rear-mounted electric motor, in the SR variants it produces 426 BHP and in ER it produces 563 BHP, while the torque figures are similar in both at 1,051 Nm (It’s a massive number). Whereas, if we talk about the range then it is 370 km for the entry-level unit and the extended EPA-estimated Range is 483 km. While Ford has not revealed the battery units exactly, they claim that the battery in the F150 Lightning will be the biggest in any production electric vehicle.

“The batteries produce 426 BHP and 563 BHP, while the torque is the same at 1,051 Nm”

Charging options in Ford F-150 Lightning

There are two types of chargers are available that depend on the variant you choose. The standard range battery comes paired with an 11.3 kW single charger and with an optional 48A house charger that could charge the pickup truck battery from 15-100 percent in around 10 hours. While the extended range battery comes paired with a 19.2 kW dual charger and an 80A house charger that could charge the battery from 15-100 percent in around 8 hours (2 hours faster than the 48A charger). There is one more option that is also available and is faster than all, a 150 kW DC public charger, which could charge the battery in just 41 minutes (from 15-100 percent, to be very precise).

“The normal charger can charge from 15-100 percent in 8-10 hrs, while the public 150 kW DC can do in 41 mins only”

Is there are any chances of an India launch?

Have you heard about the Mustang Mach E, Ford could bring Mach E into the Indian market, but the launch of the Ford F-150 Lightning in the Indian market is not planned. But Ford is as of now working on a C-type SUV that will place below Ford Endeavour and fight with Kia Seltos, Tata Harrier, Hyundai Creta, and MG Hector.

“No further plans for Indian Launch as of now”

Ford F-150 Lightning
The massive 1,051 Nm torque can tow 4.5 tons.
Ford F-150 Lightning
Has 9.6 kW 11 power outputs for your daily essential works on the field.

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