Ciaz vs Verna facelifted comparison. Which is best in 2020?

Ciaz vs Verna
Battle of two most loved sedans.

Ciaz vs Verna overview

Ciaz vs Verna comparison is an awaited topic for most of the sedan lovers. These two are quite popular in the c-type segment with its different aspects. Like most of the peoples are just buy Maruti Suzuki cars only, As their parents suggested them but, on the other side, Hyundai is more popular in youth and for them, who want a plush feel and engine refinement. One has a stylish design and the other has a sleek design. So it’s difficult to find the best within these two. So we compare them on behalf of these points.

Points considered while compairing

  • Design
  • Interior
  • Performance & Driving Experience
  • After-Sale Service


Well, While taking a look at both the cars. Both are looking fabulous from each and every aspect but here are some minimalistic 19-20 changes we found. Which will create a barrier for the other and justifies the comparison of Ciaz vs Verna?

Ciaz vs Verna
Recent Facelift gives Ciaz a new headlamp and tail lamps assembly.

Firstly we look to the Ciaz, The new facelift gives Ciaz a new afresh look which includes a new headlamp and LED tail lamp assembly. Which looks stunning and also gives good visibility on night drives. The new redesigned bumper with some chrome inserts looks classy, A chrome strip joints the left and right DRLs to gives a complete theme. Which does look attractive? The new alloy wheel design is decent enough along with R16 tyres which provides a great grip on road indeed. Ciaz also offers chrome door handles along with keyless entry functions. The back profile doesn’t get any major change in a facelift but it does get a new pair of LED tail lamps.

Ciaz vs Verna
Verna recently got a facelift which carrier a lot of new inserts.

If we look at the front end of Verna it got a bold design rather than classy as we shown in Ciaz. The Verna recently got a new facelift which got a lot of changes in the exterior design. These changes are useful and give it a new afresh look. A new cascade design grill is introduced along with new headlamps setup fitted projector into them. New round shape projector fog lamps do look bold. Side profile carries a new alloy wheel design and a chrome strip from all the way A-pillar to C-pillar. The rear end is the best taking point about Verna. The tail lamps setup is very attractive along with a new bumper design.

Design VerdictVerna vs CiazWinner

If we consider the front end then Ciaz takes advantage of Verna by its classy design and some chrome inserts. The Ciaz from front seems to like well put together but Verna doesn’t feel as much. The Side profile of both the cars is looking perfect and it’s not easy to find which is best, This remains the personal choice of the buyer but, Verna take over Ciaz in the rear-end department by its styling looks and tail lamps do create a barrier for the Ciaz and also the sleek minor fastback look gives it a more appealing look. So if we analyze the comparison in the design department Ciaz wind the battle by its classy and well put together look.

It offers more legroom and comfort along with a arm rest to sit with peace.

Interior is the place where most of the time is spent. So it should be best in terms of seats, features and feel and Ciaz fills all the criteria. It does have all features like a touchscreen infotainment system with apple car play, android auto, mirror link, and navigation. Ciaz already got leather upholstery in the top trim Alpha and the seats of Ciaz offer great comfort and not make to fatigue on those long drives. The rear seat comfort is very good in Ciaz, in fact, it offers the highest legroom space in the rear seat and for more comfort, you can open the armrest and sit like a boss.

Verna interior
The black theme of Verna Turbo does stands out.

Facelifted Verna got a lot of new inserts like a new black interior color is introduced in the Turbo trim. Verna offers some more features in comparison to Ciaz like Soft-touch leather, electric driver seat adjustable with heated and cooling function, wireless phone charging, cooled glove box, adjustable armrest, and an advanced touchscreen infotainment system with all the features which Ciaz has. One important insert in Verna is the one-touch sunroof which Ciaz not offers.

Verdict InteriorVerna 2020 winner

Verna easily wins in the interior because of plush design with features like a more advanced touch screen infotainment system, Electric adjustable front seats along with heated and cooling function, and a sunroof. But in the rear seat, Verna not offers a good amount of rear-seat comfort but Ciaz does. The verdict is simple if you are a keen driver then buy the Verna but if you usually travel with Chauffer the Ciaz is best.

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Performance & Driving Experience
Ciaz offers comfort ride quality with linear performance.

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz comes in only a petrol engine. Maruti discounted the production of diesel engines and now they mainly focus on petrol engines. Ciaz comes with a 1.5 ltr petrol engine mated with a 5-Speed manual transmission. which produces around 103 bhp @ 6000 RPM and 138 Nm torque @ 4400 RPM which is enough sufficient for a vehicle this size and weight. This engine delivers an ARAI certified mileage of 21.56 kmpl. In terms of performance, it’s is quite sufficient for the city drives in two digits numbers but it struggles in three-digit numbers, and even on quick throttle push it lacks power and responds later. The gearbox is sleek shifting and clutch throw is decent enough. Which helps to make the drive more comfortable.

Verna is a performance-centric vehicle and offers a punchy ride.
Image Source:- RushLane

Verna has an advantage over Ciaz in terms of engines offered. Wherever Ciaz only comes in petrol but Verna equipped with both petrol and diesel engines. Verna comes with 1.5 ltr petrol and diesel motors which produce around 113 bhp in both engines but torque is different which is 144 Nm is petrol and 250 Nm in diesel. One more turbocharge engine also comes in Verna, which offers 118 bhp and 171 Nm of torque and could deliver a mileage of not more than 12 kmpl. The Verna does offer a punchy ride, as soon as you hit the pedal it reacts accordingly and pulls very efficiently. The turbo lag is very well contained and kick in as low as 1750 RPMs. The rear seat comfort is not as par with Ciaz but it does offer good comfy seats

Verdict Performance & Driving experience Verna 2020 Winner

In this department, Verna takes an edge over the Ciaz by offering a diesel engine and more performance with a great driving pleasure but it’s not mean that Ciaz is not good, Ciaz wins the battle in the rear seat department, it offers more comfy drive with more legroom and headroom. But if we consider all points then Verna is the winner in the Performance & driving experience.

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After Sales Service

Here Both are having a neck-to-neck competition in the after-sales service department but Maruti takes a slight edge over the Verna by its cheap price listed parts and more availability in tier 3 cities. Whereas Hyundai parts are slightly more costly and sometimes it difficult to available big parts in tier 3 cities. If you’re living in Tier 1 or Tier 2 cities then you can buy any of them both but if you are living in Tier 3 city then first check the service center and then make the choice.

This was the comparison of Ciaz vs Verna. I hope you’ll find your choice after reading this.

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