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All New Rolls Royce Ghost Extended Priced at Rs 7.95 Cr.

Rolls Royce Ghost Extended

The super-premium luxury sedan Rolls Royce Ghost Extended has just revealed its price for the Indian market. The car completely looks like the previous Ghost and only the wheelbase has increased that results in more space for the rear seats. The Ghost Extended has priced at Rs 7.95 Crore (Ex-showroom).

Rolls Royce Ghost Extended exterior

The Ghost Extended is a stretched version of the Ghost and built on the aluminum spaceframe architecture that is used in Phantom and Cullinan also. The addition in length increased its overall length by 177mm with the increment in wheelbase of 170mm to 3,465mm.

Apart from the length, there aren’t any changes that are made either design-wise or engine wise. It is also powered by the same 6.75-liter, twin-turbocharged, V12 petrol engine with a power figure of 571 bhp.

Rolls Royce Ghost Extended interior

Inside the luxurious shell of Ghost Extended, a remarkable change can easily noticeable is the rear seat space. The increment of the length and wheelbase has increased the space and comfort for the rear occupants. For additional hospitality, a fridge is also installed between the rear seats two cooling mode- 6 degrees C for the non-vintage bottles and 11 degrees C for the vintage bottles. Other features include- Reclining rear seats (optional), built-in-wifi features, and a new air purifier system.

Variants and Prices?

Rolls Royce has announced the prices for all the variants for the Indian market. I will be launched in two variants- the Ghost EWD that costs Rs 7.95 Cr and the standard Ghost is priced at Rs 6.95 Cr. Both the prices are Ex-showroom).

Rolls Royce Ghost Extended

  • Will launch in two variants
  • The wheel is longer by 170mm to the standard Ghost
  • Powered by the same 6.75-liter, V12 Petrol Engine
Rolls Royce Ghost Extended Rear Seats
Longed wheel base results more space and comfort for rear seats

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