5 Best Modified Mahindra Scorpio in India. Must See!

Scorpio Modified
The custom made Scorpio gateway.

Mahindra Scorpio is a car on that you can do a ton of modification and we can see many modified Scorpio on the roads. This ladder on frame SUV has created the big SUV car market in India. After that, this segment got a bounce and now it is the most popular segment in the buyer across the world. Nowadays, a new compact SUV segment is also doing well and many of the car manufacturers are adding their latest products in this segment. Today, we bring here 6 best modified Scorpio cars that are modified significantly. Let’s go ahead and have a look.

Modified Lava Red Scorpio

Scorpio Modified
Red best with ton of modifications but cosmetic only.

The Lava Red Scorpio looks immensely awesome and does carry a whole lot of modifications. The first and foremost, the Red and Black theme displays its beast characteristics. Apart from the exterior colour, it also has modified Dual projector headlamps with dual LED DRLs, Blacked out aftermarket front grille, Blacked out bumper inserts, and a snorkel is added for better performance on watery areas. The only change on the side profile is 16 inches blacked-out steel wheels with wider section tyres. It also has the side foot to help in the offroading situation when the car gets stuck.

SP Design customized Scorpio

Modified Scorpio

The SP design customs made Modified Scorpio looks dop and give a glimpse of Ford Raptor F-150 from the front. This Scorpio is modified in a way that no one can even find out that is the modified version of the Mahindra Scorpio. The front is completely changed along with the grille and headlamps. Now is got a custom made grille, bumper, and headlamps with projector inbuilt. The overall length is also increased and only the middle part resembles that its a Scorpio. The front, side and rear profile has added with some body panels and fearing.

Apart from this, the 16 inches alloy wheels with fat rubber look gorgeous and increases the overall look of the car. There some also some disadvantages to this modification. Such are- the increment on the overall length has reduced it stability and agility, Mileage will be reduced to 3-4 kmpl and the safety is also gone.

Scorpio Dark Horse

Modified Scorpio
Grey Scorpio with yellow inserts and fabric top on the rear.

This is customized by Mahindra’s own customization house “Mahindra Customization”. Here Mahindra customizes their all SUV. Whether its Thar, TUV 300, XUV 500, or Scorpio. This is the Dark Horse customized edition of Mahindra Scorpio. The Dark horse gets a completely redesigned for with wire mesh grille and Mahindra written on it in yellow colour, round shape headlamps with separate indicators, redesigned bumper with round fog lamps. On the side profile, it gets 16 inches 8-spoke alloy wheels with thick rubber tyres, thick blacked-out body cladding, and roof rails.

The rear end is a fabric one which we can also see in the Thar. This area is meant for the cargo and utility and also a customized spare wheel slot has been made with a plastic cover and orange details have done onto it.

Mahindra Scorpio Limousine

Modified Scorpio
The Mahindra Scorpio Limousine.

The modification has been done locally and are not certified and tested for the safety and security, This is based on the normal 2.2-liter mHawk Scorpio. The overall chassis has been increased to a certain length and the metal sheets are welded onto it. After that, the complete work has been done with the same paint on which the car is painted.

On the interior, a sofa is placed for better comfort and hospitality, the curtain is placed on either side of the windows and also a TV is there for entertainment purpose. However, recently this Scorpio Limousine has been seised by the RTO because the modifications are not legal and this will be scraped after some time.

Mahindra Scorpio Gateway

Scorpio Modified

The Gateway is the pickup truck version of the Mahindra Scorpio and has 4×4 transmission. This modification is immense and kept all the things that an offroader requires. This is built on the previous version and gets a complete new armored bumper with yellow fog lamps, powerful winch, towing hook, engine protection guard and roof lighting.

The side profile is quite interesting and equipped with 16 inches steel wheels with thick rubber tyres, a snorkel, roof luggage carrier, and a portable tent is placed on the rear end of the roof to stay at night on the jungle safari, etc. The rear has kept a spare tyre on the door and the bumper is of metal.

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