2022 Toyota Supra Dimensions – Explained

Toyota Supra Dimensions

2022 Toyota Supra Dimensions Explained:

2022 Toyota Supra Dimensions are clearly explained below in the article. The Supra is a sports car from Toyota and competes with BMW Z4, Audi TT, and some others. There are 4 different trims are available for this car that paired with different engines and features.

A glimpse of dimensions:

  • Length: 4379 mm, across the range
  • Width: 1854 mm, across the range
  • Height: 1294 mm to 1299 mm, varies from trim to trim

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2022 Toyota Supra Length:

The length of the Toyota Supra is 4379 mm across the range.

Dimensionin mm.in inch.
Length4379 mm172 in.

2022 Toyota Supra Width:

Toyota Supra Width

The width of the Toyota Supra is almost equal to a compact SUV like Tata Harrier at 1854 mm across the range.

Dimensionin mm.in inch.
Width1854 mm73 in.

2022 Toyota Supra Height:

Toyota Supra Height

The Toyota Supra GT, 3.0L has an overall height of 1299 mm and the Toyota Supra Coupe has an overall height of 1294 mm. The reduction in the height of 6mm is because of the sloping roof line.

Dimensionin mm.in inch.
Height (in GT Trim)1299 mm51 in.
Height ( in Coupe Trim)1294 mm50.9 in.

2022 Toyota Supra Wheelbase:

Toyota Supra Wheelbase

Being a two-seater sports car, the wheelbase is set up at low to maintain the body’s center gravity point. The wheelbase of the Toyota Supra is 2470 mm across the range.

Dimensionin mm.in inch.
Wheelbase2470 mm97 in.

2022 Toyota Supra Ground Clearance:

The Supra is a sports car and hence the ground clearance is quite low at 119mm. However, there are cars with even lower ground clearance. With this ground clearance, it can tackle ample obstacles.

Dimensionin mm.in inch.
Ground Clearance119 mm5 in.

2022 Toyota Supra Weight:

The lighter the car the better it performs! Here with the supra, we won’t get this. The Supra weighs 1505 kgs. If we look at the competitors, they weigh less and also more.

Dimensionin kg.in lbs.
Weight1505 kgs3318 lbs

2022 Toyota Supra Tyre Size:

The sports car Toyota Supra runs on 18-inches tyres with 255/40 section rubbers.

Tyre Size255/40 R18

For a better understanding, kindly check out the images attached with Length, Width, Height, and Wheelbase.

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